Friday, April 2, 2010

Who said planning a wedding was stressful?

We are under two months to go and as we get ready for our engagement pictures tomorrow we realize that this chapter in our life is almost over. Engagement is a fun and exciting time, ours has been amazing and has flown by. Since the day we got engaged it has been wonderful to see how beautifully things have fallen into place. Many of my co-workers and friends have commented on how relaxed Geoffrey and I have been during the wedding planning. And it's true!!  We have experienced very little, if any, stress during our wedding planning.  The size and casual style of the wedding may contribute a little to our stress-free engagement but I think it's more likely the family and friends that have gathered around us and volunteered time and service to make May 30th a joy to prepare for.  So here's a shoutout to a couple of those who have loved us so well:

Our parents:  You are the wheels that keep this thing moving and the engine that keeps it running. We couldn't, and wouldn't, want to do this without you. 

Tess (Geoffrey's sis):  We are so excited to see your creativity and design displayed! Tess is designing the programs for the ceremony, creating special decor for the reception, and putting a table together that celebrates Geoffrey and I, our history and future together. 

Jenn (Jessica's sis): I am so blessed to have you stand beside me as my matron of honor.  We have been through it all together and I can't imagine this day without you by my side. Jenn will also be planning a ladies night la la!!

Kenny (Geoffrey's bro): What a rare opportunity to have your brother (and future bro-in-law) officiate your wedding. To be joined in marriage under your leadership will be such a blessing.

Nic and Liz: You guys are unbelieveable! Such generous and faithful friends, I couldn't do this without you.  Liz and Nic designed the wedding invitations, they came up with the idea of the gift tree and brought the idea into fruition by building and decorating the tree.  Liz opened her home to host a shower with Nic and they have allowed me to crash their place for other wedding related tasks. 

Meem (Geoffrey's grandma): We are honored to have Geoffrey's grandmother play the piano at our reception.  We will be dancing our first dance to her music.

Aunt Patti, Aunt Debbie, Aunt Kristin, Aunt Kimberly, G'ma Coe, and G'ma Jutte: You have all been so influencial in my life and you have shaped who I am today because of your presence in my life.  These women will be hosting a wedding shower on the day before the wedding.

Thank you to everyone.  We love you dearly!!


  1. I am loving the blog updates! Much love!

  2. We are getting so excited!!! How fun it is to visit the blog and see what all is happening. I love the pics! Keep having fun with the process! I love you!