Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gift Registry

Falling in love in Ethiopia....unconventional
Knowing that we would be married on our second weekend together....unconventional
Getting married in less than year from the day we met....unconventional
Plans to move to Ethiopia after marriage....unconventional

Why would our gift registry be any different?

Geoffrey and I have decided not to register for our wedding. Several reasons have prompted this adversion to socially acceptable wedding norms and we (or should I say "I" and not lump my rule-abiding fiance into rebellion) kinda like that fact that we are blazing our own path. When we began to talk about what would be on our registry we found that we have no needs and very few wants to be included in a registry. And praise God for that, He has provided well for both Geoffrey and I.

The second concern was our plans to move overseas after we get married. Let's say we did register for all the things we could possibly think we might need for the next 50 years together. When we move, we would have a truckload of stuff that we'd be taking to the storage unit to sit untouched for who knows how long and we hated to see such a scenario.

So, with the help of family and friends input we have created a "gift tree." The gift tree will be at my shower and the wedding. The idea behind the gift tree is to give people, who want to give, an opportunity to give toward a specific item or event. Most of the gifts on the tree are things that Geoffrey and I can do together, to enrich our marriage and our relationship. There will also be a number of envelopes that have items that we will need in Ethiopia while overseas. Instead of things, you are giving us the gift of opportunities to share. In our opinion, that's the best gift you could give!

The gift tree will have envelopes with specific things or events listed on them. Here are an example of some:

Generator in Ethiopia
Date Night in Boston
Baseball Game at Fenway
Water Filter in Ethiopia
Bedroom Furniture in Ethiopia
Broadway Tickets in NYC
Salem Ferry to Boston
Couples Massage
Marriage Conference

That's just a few examples to help you figure out what the heck is going on.

Geoffrey and I have discussed that we plan to be very intentional about using your gift for the sole purpose of what you have given towards. We look forward to following up with you after we have had the opportunity to enjoy your gift and tell you all about it.

Thank you for your love and support! We couldn't do this without you.

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